Created On:  03 November 2011


How do you enable verbose logging in Borland search server?


To enable verbose logging in Borland search server browse to the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Borland\Borland Search\Apache-tomcat\webapps\bss\config
Open the file cl.log4j.xml in Notepad  make the following changes. By default these entries will have an INFO or ERROR value which needs to be changes to TRACE:

‹LOGGER name="com.borland" additivity="false"›
‹LEVEL value="TRACE" /›
‹LOGGER name="com.starbase.caliber" additivity="false"›
‹LEVEL value="TRACE" /›
‹LOGGER name="com.starbase" additivity="false"›
‹LEVEL value="TRACE" /›

Save the changes and restart Borland Search for these changes to take effect.
Incident #2520511