Created On:  30 September 2010


When attempting to generate a Word document in Optimal Trace it results in the following error message:

"Internal error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: There is no method called setIgnoreMissingCPComment: This indicates that the VBA macro code in the document is inaccessible.This can happen as a result of clicking cancel, in which case it can be ignored.Otherwise, it can occur for various reasons.Suggestion: Shut down all running instances of Word (using the Windows Task Manager)."


To resolve this issue you can either reinstall OptimalTrace or you can copy the VBA directory from another machine that is able to successfuly generate documents. 

Here are the steps to copy the VBA folder:

1. Find a machine that can successfully generate documents.
2. Go to the following location "\\Program Files\Compuware\Optimal Trace\Optimal Trace Enterprise Edition\EN\docgen\profiles"
3. Copy to VBA directory from that machine and overwrite the "\\Program Files\Compuware\Optimal Trace\Optimal Trace Enterprise Edition\EN\docgen\profiles\vba" directory on the machine that is having this issue. 
4. Try doing the document generation again.
Incident #2466054