Created On:  24 February 2012


I am getting the following error "VSL_SHM_ACCESS: can't access shared memory with OS err #487" when upgrading a Versant database or trying to create a Versant database. Why is this?


This error occurs when your machine is running out of memory resources. 

The cause of this issue is usually due to settings in the file found at C:\Borland\CaliberRMServer\Versant\DB\SQMDB. 

Try adjusting the following settings in the which should resolve the VSL_SHM_ACCESS error.

Note:  Please make a backup of the before making the following changes. Change the existing values to in the file to the values below:

bf_dirty_high_water_mark 1536
bf_dirty_low_water_mark  612
llog_buf_size                      10M
plog_buf_size                     10M
max_page_bufs                  32000
heap_size                           700M

The above settings will be fine for a server machine with at least 4gb memory.  You can lower the above settings if you are still receiving the memory error when upgrading or creating a database.

Incident #2558437