Created On:  15/12/2011


Error when using 'insert data' in the logic action of a simulation when integrated with CaliberRM


R&D released Build 130 of CaliberRDM to resolve the issue Details of Build 130. First, download the integrated or standalone war from: 130 (integrated).zip
1. Stop the CaliberRDM server if running.
2. Go to C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\webapps and make a copy of your caliberrdm.war file to a different location outside that folder (e.g. Desktop). You can always use that to revert to the previous version if you need.
3. Remove the caliberrdm.war from the C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\webapps folder.
4. Delete the C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\webapps\caliberrdm folder (that has the contentes of the .war file expanded).
5. Place the new caliberrdm.war file you downloaded in C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\webapps
6. Start the server (it may take bit longer as the war will be expanded for the first time)