Created On:  23 November 2012


How do you extract images from a standalone CaliberRDM project?


Is it possible to extract the snapshot images of scenarios and simulations from a standalone CaliberRDM project. Please note these steps will only work for CaliberRDM 10.1 and below. It is no longer possible to have standalone projects in Caliber 11.

Also, all scenarios and simulations within the project must be accessed prior to following the below steps due to the snapshot images being held within cache.

1. Make sure that all scenarios and simulations have been accessed within the project you are interested in.
2. Using the SQL Management tool, log into the CaliberRDM SQL database.
3. Click on the new query button (make sure that the CaliberRDM database has been selected).
4. Copy and paste into the query window the following command:
     FROM [crdmdb].[dbo].[PROJECT]
     Where DISPLAYNAME = 'Project name'
5. This will return the id of the project you are interested in.
6. On the CaliberRDM server navigate to the following folder: :\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\bin\caliber_xml\images.
7. Copy the folder with the correct project ID. Save this folder to somewhere accessible.
8. All the files within this folder have a .bin extension. By changing these to .jpeg you will be able to see the snapshots. Below are two options for changing the file extensions in bulk.

Via batch file.

Creating a batch file with the following command:
for /r "Folder location" %%G in (*.bin) do ren "%%~G" *.jpeg

Via PowerShell.

Navigate to the correct folder and use the following command:
Get-Childitem -recurse | Where {$_.extension -eq ".bin"} | rename-item -newname { $ -replace ".bin", ".jpeg" }
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