Created On:  28 October 2010


What is the purpose of the files residing in the ImageCache Folder of a CaliberRM client installation?


CaliberRM automatically downloads the images embedded inside the Requirement Description to the ImageCache folder (C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Borland\CaliberRM\ImageCache). Except for the Pending sub-folder, the rest of the files in the ImageCache folder can be deleted. However, whenever an image is accessed again, the ImageCache folder will be populated with the image. This is as designed.

If you do not want to view the images (perhaps to save disk space), you can disable the image download and clear the Image Cache folder using the below steps:

1. In CaliberRM program, go to the menu : Tools > Options > Appearance. Uncheck the option "Automatically download and display all requirement description images"

2. Navigate to the below folder on the Caliber client and delete the image files: C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Borland\CaliberRM\ImageCache

3. Restart CaliberRM client

4. The images will not be displayed