Created On:  22 November 2010


DocFactory2 does not preserve the font selected in CaliberRM win32 client.


Understanding fonts in CaliberRM Win32 Client

- When you compose a requirement description, the default font is taken from IE's Font settings.
- Win32 Client provides the Font Face and Font Size controls to allow the user to apply a different font for any selected parts of text. Remember, that remaining parts which are not applied any specific font will be **displayed** using the default IE's Font.
- When you save a requirement description, for any parts of the description that are applied a customized font, that font settings will be saved together with that part of text; however, for any parts of the description that are not specifically customized in font, ONLY text will be saved into the database, without any font attached.
- This means that in the database, there will be font-free parts of text. This is by intent, to allow different CaliberRM clients to interpret the requirement description in a flexible way while still honoring user customizations.
- Parts of text whose fonts are customized will see their font settings attached, no matter what client is being used to display them
- Parts of text which are font-free will be displayed in whatever font setting currently in effect for that client app. For example, for Win32 Client, it is the IE's Font setting, while for DF2, it is Word's a Normal Template.

Understanding fonts in Word

- Word will render parts of text that have font information attached in that attached font.
- For parts of text that are font-free, Word references the Style definition in its Normal template and render them accordingly.
- For requirement descriptions, the style name is "Normal (Web)" for Word2003 and "Normal" for Word2007.
- So if you would like to have font-free parts rendered in Arial, they should modify the normal/normal(web) styling in their DF2 template accordingly.
Incident #2440056