Created On:  14 January 2011


When integrated with CaliberRM, we receive a HTTP Status 404 error when trying to access CaliberRDM.


Checkthe logs located at C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\logs\stdout_*.log?

Look for any combination of these three errors:
1. com.starbase.caliber.server.RemoteServerException: IOException caught while attempting to read IOR from host.
2. FATAL [simulator] Unable to connect to the Caliber server at: localhost:20000
3. com.starbase.caliber.server.RemoteServerException: Malformed IOR. IOR is a 0 length string


1. Run the CaliberRM Diagnostic Tool to determine the problem Located at Start | Programs | Borland CaliberRM | Administration | Diagnostic
2. Resolve it and verify you can login to CaliberRM Administrator and CaliberRM Client
3. Restart CaliberRDM Server
4. Bring up the CaliberRDM Client via the web browser