Created On:  14 December 2012


How Caliber 11 supports multiple Visualize servers.


Caliber 11 provides the option to have multiple Caliber 11 Visualize instances connect to the one Caliber 11 Data Server. This provides the ability for Caliber Administrators to manually level visualization work load across multiple Caliber Visualize server.

When the Caliber Visualize server starts up, they only interact with projects explicitly assigned to that server, along with the projects that are unassigned. To assign a project to a particular Visualize server follow these steps:

1. Open the CaliberRM Administrator and connect to the Caliber 11 Data Server.
2. Select an integrated project from the list.
3. On the Project Info tab there is a Visualize URL field, enter the URL of the intended Caliber Visualize server and save the changes.
4. Once you have assigned all required projects to the intended server, you will need to restart the Caliber Visualize service. This will need to be done on the original server the project was on and the new server.

Please look at the release notes for details on recommended machine specifications regarding such configurations.