Created On:  21 January 2011


When integrating SilkCentral Test Manager with CaliberRDM for requirements you may notice that the images from CaliberRDM are not displayed in SilkCentral Test Manager.

Note that this issue has only been found to occur with the CaliberRDM Sample Project. However if you are importing a CaliberRDM project from one CaliberRDM instance to another you may also encounter this issue once the project is synchronised with SilkCentral Test Manager.


To resolve this issue you simply need to go into the project in CaliberRDM and change the image slightly, for example just move one of the elements a small amount.

Then click the Refresh button in CaliberRDM and close the scenario or simulation to save it.

Then when you go back to SilkCentral Test Manager you will see that the correct image is now displayed under the requirement.

Incident #2496906