Created On:  29 November 2011


How can I import a DefineIT project into CaliberRDM?


To import data from DefineIT to CaliberRDM follow the steps below:

Export the data from DefineIT

1. Select FILE | EXPORT
2. Select the "Other" folder
3. Select "XMI File"
4. Choose the Project to export
5. Choose the location to export to. Rename the filename if it is more than 30 characters as CaliberRDM will generate an error when trying to import a file with a name longer than 30 characters.

Import the XMI file into CaliberRDM

1. Open a Browser
2. Enter the URL, substituting ‘ServerName’ with your actual CaliberRDM server name or IP number:


3. Browse to the XMI file created in Step 5 above.


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