Created On:  03 February 2012


Import from Word adds a carriage return after each new sentence in CaliberRM description field. Why is this?


The empty line insertion in the description is due to the use of a carriage return (enter key) after each test line in the Word document. In MS Word a carriage return is expected to be typed between paragraphs, and this, when converted into a text-oriented markup language such as HTML, is typically offered as a ‹p› tag. The description field in Caliber RM is a HTML edit, and therefore the ‹p› tag is represented by an empty line.
In order to avoid the empty line insertion, a non-paragraph line break or a soft return (shift-enter key) should be used in the Word document after each test line so that the text should start on a new line without the other side effects of starting a new paragraph. A soft return is offered as a ‹br› tag in HTML that has the same purpose as the soft return in word processors.
Incident #2541753