Created On:  17 August 2011


When generating Document Factory 2 reports, or when running Requirement Grid or Traceability Matrix queries, server-side filters are often used to limit the number of requirements returned. When using a filter that does not include project name (see screenshot below), you may find that it takes a long time for the output to be generated. Please see the Resolution section on how to improve the performance in such a scenario.


Starting from Caliber 2008 SP1 Patch 26, a registry fix has been introduced to automatically limit the scope of DocFactory 2, Requirement Grid and Traceability Matrix to the currently opened project even if the server-side filter does not include the project name as a filter. By limiting the search to current project, rather than all the projects in the database, performance can be vastly improved. To benefit from this fix, please upgrade to Patch 26 or a higher patch. After upgrading, please follow the steps below to add a registry key which limits the scope of the search to the currently selected project.

1) Open the registry on the Caliber server machine and navigate to HKLM\Software\Borland\CaliberRM\10.0\Server
2) Create a new DWORD value named "RequirementQueryLevel"
3) Specify a Decimal value of 1 to limit the server-side filtering to the current project
4) Save the changes to the registry.

A restart of the Caliber Server is required for the changes to take effect.

After the restart, you should notice a significant performance improvement when running DocFactory 2, Requirement Grid and Traceability Matrix.

Note: When applying patches, please check after the patch installation, that the registry key, RequirementQueryLevel, and its settings are still intact. If it has been removed (perhaps during product un-installation), please add it back using the steps above.
Incident #2486116