By default the installation of Visualize will use the default amount of memory of 1GB. This value is usually set at 1GB based on a normal operating system having around 4GB of RAM. On an operating system with more RAM such as x64 environment we can increase this to make use of much more RAM.
How to increase the amount of memory available to Caliber Visualize JVM:
1. Open the Windows Services dialog
2. Stop 'Caliber Visualize Server' service if running
3. Run a command line and browse to C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Caliber Visualize\bin
4. Remove the service named 'Caliber Visualize Server' by typing service.bat remove CaliberVisualize (hit enter)
5. Refresh the Windows Services dialog to make sure you do not see Caliber Visualize service 
6. Back up service.bat in bin dir if you want a copy.
7. Edit service.bat in bin dir and look for "--JvmMs".
8. You will see a default entry showing "--JvmMs 1024  --JvmMx 1024"
9. Change this to "--JvmMs 4096  --JvmMx 4096" (of more if you have adequate memory on the machine)
10. Locate the entry set PR_DISPLAYNAME=Apache Tomcat %2
11. Remove the Apache Tomcat leaving so it reads set PR_DISPLAYNAME=%2 then save changes
12. Install the service named 'CaliberVisualize' by typing the cmd: service.bat install CaliberVisualize (hit enter)
13. Refresh the Services window to make sure you see CaliberVisualize service
14.Start the service