Created On:  15 May 2012


How do you insert a value into a Multi Select List using the SDK?


To insert a value into a Multi Select List you must have patch 33 or higher for CaliberRM 2008 SP1. You will also need to use the Java component of the SDK.

Below is some sample code on how to insert a value into a MSL. Please note, the UDA must already be created before this code will work.

  CaliberServer server = new CaliberServer("localhost"); 
     session = server.login("admin", "admin"); 
     String attrName = "MultiSelect";     
     String newValue = "JZ"; 
     boolean bDefaultSelection = true; 
     AttributeManager attrMan =(AttributeManager)session.getManager(Attribute.class);
     attrMan.addListEntry(attrName, newValue, bDefaultSelection); 
 } catch (Exception e) { 

Note: CaliberRM 10.1 will receive this feature in a future update.
Incident #2557495