Created On:  19 August 2010


How do I change the Java Heap size settings in TeamDefine to give more VM memory to the Tomcat Server?


To change the Java Heap size settings do the following:

- 1.  Navigate to C:\Micro Focus\TeamDefine\bin and locate the service.bat file.
- 2. Right click on the service.bat file and select edit, this will open the service.bat configuration file.
- 3. At the bottom of the service.bat, you will find the following line:

EXECUTABLE%" //US//%SERVICE_NAME% ++JvmOptions "\temp;-Djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager;-Djava.util.logging.config.file=%CATALINA_BASE%\conf\" --JvmMs 512 --JvmMx 512

The original values of JvmMs 512 and JvmMx 512 are replaced with 960 and 1024 respectively, and it results in a much larger VM memory for tomcat6.exe. Before the changes take affect you need to remove then re-add the Tomcat service by running the following:

- 1. Open a command prompt, browse to the bin directory (e.g. C:\Micro Focus\TeamDefine\bin)
- 2.  Run Service.bat with the remove parameter (eg. Service.bat remove)
- 3. Repeat the same with the install parameter.

Once the service starts up more memory will be available to the JVM.

Incident #2467209