Created On:  25 June 2010


While trying to synchronize requirements between CaliberRM and SilkCentral Test Manager, the following error/warning messages may be seen in the synch logs:

ERROR: java.lang.NullPointerException
ERROR: Fatal error, reason: Could not import project


Warning: Ignored, because call for requirement type for external requirement with id # failed., reason: NPE: getRequirementType() - getRequirementType() - req name:A10A 1 Frequency

Synchronization does not complete successfully once the above errors are encountered.


From the synch logs, we can identify that there are errors in the database causing the NullPointerException error. The first thing we should try is running a diagnostic tool 'crmdiag.exe' on the database. We can start off with a switch that will look for a broad range of issues. After this we can run specific switches.

The crmdiag is available as an attachment for download.
see attached:

It is recommended to first to run the following steps on a test environment before attempting them on the production environment.

Steps to run the executable:
1) Make a full backup of the CalibreRM database
2) Unzip/Copy the crmdiag.exe file and place it in the root of the drive where CaliberRM is installed (e.g. c:\).
3) Open a command prompt and run either of the following command on the root drive (e.g. c:\):

crmdiag –ff –nobackup –log SQMDB


crmdiag –ff –log SQMDB

This will run a number of switches across the entire database which will be automatically executed : -u -r -ra -rl -d -rb -rp -rap -tn -p -uda -vo

You can identify what action each of the above switches performs by running 'crmdiag' on the root drive in the command prompt.

The command will fix any errors encountered and will complete on its own, therefore it does not require any user interaction.
Incident #2435476, #2448373