Created On:  25 January 2012


How do you open a CaliberRM client on a specific Project and Requirement via the command prompt?


Below are the full steps to create a crm file and run via the command prompt.


1. Create a new txt document on your desktop.

2. Open the text file and enter: MyServer_name:20000,105,292


Where MyServer_name is your server name

:20000 is the port number (20000) by default

105  is the  project id (this is the project ID for Address Book in the sample database)

292 is the sample requirement id


3. Save the changes to the text file and Exit the txt editor.

4. Change the file extension from .txt to .crm (right-click > rename will do this)

Or you can drag and drop from a requirement in the Caliber client tree to automatically create a .crm file

5. Right click on the new .crm file and click the open with option.

6. Navigate to the CaliberRM.exe found under C:\Program Files\Borland\CaliberRM and set this as the default program to use when opening .crm files.


To run the file from a command line please do the following:

cd C:\Program Files\Borland\CaliberRM

(to get to the location of the caliberrm.exe)

then type the following:

start caliberrm.exe "C:\\myFile.crm"

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