Created On:  26 January 2010


I am unable to connect a client across the WAN (multiple hops). What should I do?


Follow these steps to resolve this.

1. Go to the machine with the Optimal Trace Server.
2. Stop the Optimal Trace Server service (if it is running)
3. Open ‘wrapper.conf’ located in C:\Program Files\Compuware\Optimal Trace\Optimal Trace Server Edition.
4. Look for the section: # Java Additional Parameters
Right underneath the above line paste the following line:
5. Save the file.
6. Start the Optimal Trace Server Service.
7. Go to the machine with the Optimal Trace Client.
8. Go to Options > General Options > Server Settings
9. Test Connection to the Optimal Trace Server.

The same setting change has to be made to the ‘Optimal Trace Server.lap’ file when launching the Optimal Trace Server as a standalone.

The following line can be appended to ‘Optimal Trace Server.lap’: