Created On:  14 February 2011


After executing Import from Word to import a requirement, traces are created to link this requirement with other requirements. Subsequently, changes were made to the Word document. Is it possible to overwrite the requirement in CaliberRM with the modified requirement in Word by re-executing Import from Word while retaining its traces in the CaliberRM?


No, this is not possible in CaliberRM 2008 SP1. The Import from Word utility always create new requirement(s). There is no utility in CaliberRM that can import and replace existing requirement.

If a lot of modifications are done in the requirement document, a workaround would be to start afresh. That is, delete the previously imported requirement and import the requirement from Word again. Prior to deleting the existing requirement, it will be good to make a baseline that includes this requirement. That way, you can select the previous baseline to view the requirement in its previous form as well as traceability links.
After deleting the requirement, execute Import from Word again. Then, manually add the Traces to the newly imported requirement. Once this is done, modification on the requirement should be done using CaliberRM instead of Microsoft Office Word.
Incident #00250660