Created On:  6/11/2012


Some user's may find the standard procedure to create a empty database on a French x64bit Operating system (e.g. Windows server 2008 X64bit) will not work.


1. dbmgr -stop

2. stopdb -f SQMDB

3. Open C:\Borland\CaliberRMServer\Versant\DB and rename SQMDB to SQMDB.old

4. makedb SQMDB

5. createdb SQMDB

6. dbuser -list SQMDB                        (check if administrateur is there then add Système account)

7. dbuser -add -n Système -role DBA SQMDB

8. dbmgr -new -empty SQMDB

9. dbuser -list SQMDB                         (caliber_vuser now there)

10. dbmgr -start


Please now attempt to login to Caliber using admin/admin