Created On:  6/11/2012


Some user's may have difficulty restoring a copy of their production database if the Operating System is French and x64bit e.g. Windows Server 2008 x64


Restore db procedure (using SQMDB as the name of your restored production db and where the old db name was also SQMDB)
1. dbmgr -stop
2. stopdb -f SQMDB followed by removedb SQMDB
3. In C:\Borland\CaliberRMServer\Versant\DB rename SQMDB to SQMDB.old
4. makedb SQMDB
5. createdb SQMDB
6. dbuser -list SQMDB  (check if administrateur is there then add Système)
7. dbuser -add -n Système -role DBA SQMDB
8. vbackup -dev "C:\CaliberRM_Backup\SQMDB.bak" -restore SQMDB
enter 'no' to apply changes (this will throw E7103 error)
9. removedb SQMDB
10. vbackup -dev "C:\CaliberRM_Backup\SQMDB.bak" -restore SQMDB
11. Open the SQMDB folder found at C:\Borland\CaliberRMServer\Versant\DB\ and rename the to
12. Go into the sample database folder that was created at first install and copy the file into the new SQMDB folder.
13. open with notepad and copy all system volumes listed.
14. Open the new with notepad and paste these system volumes over any system volumes listed, save changes.
15. Run dbmgr -start from the command prompt window.