Created On:  29 April 2011


How do you publish Multiple Select Lists to Quality Center?


It is now possible to publish Multiple Select Lists (MSL) to Quality Center from CaliberRM 2008 SP1 with Patch 24 or later applied. You can download the latest patches from the Supportline site:

This functionality is supported with Quality Center versions 9.0, 9.2, 10.0 and 11.0.

Note: These steps will only work for Multiple Select Lists. We do not support the publishing of Multiple Select User Lists.

To publish MSL from CaliberRM to QC follow these steps:

1. If necessary create the MSL UDA in CaliberRM.
2. Within Quality Center perform the following;
          A) Log into the appropriate project as a project admin.
          B) Go to Tools > Customize.
          C) Choose Customize Project Entities > Requirement > User Fields > New Field.
          D) Set field label to CaliberRM MSL UDA name.
          E) Create a new lookup list. Choose an appropriate name.
          F) Click new item and enter the corresponding MSL UDA values from CaliberRM. These much match exactly to the MSL you are trying to publish to in QC.
          G) Save the changes
3. Within CaliberRM open the necessary project and click on publish to Quality Center.
4. Select the required requirements and click next.
5. Connect to Quality Center choosing the correct project.
6. On the customize fields step, choose the appropriate fields from the right hand side.
7. Select where you want the requirements to be created and then publish.