Created On:  21 October 2010


We receive a Last transaction incomplete" error when trying to delete a requirement.


This is a historical traces problem where the traces are still connected to a deleted requirement, then when the user tries to delete another linked trace it will throw the error message. In order to resolve the issue you should first ensure everyone is logged out of CaliberRM when carrying out this procedure (downtime will be required or setting up of a test environment to test the fix before executing on the production system may also be useful).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of this command, we strongly recommend taking a backup prior to executing the following commands on the server. To back up please open a command window execute "dbmgr -backup". This may take several minutes before you receive confirmation that it has completed.

Once confirmed run the crmdiag commands below:

Open a command prompt and navigate back to the root C:\ drive (type cd\) then enter the following commands

1. crmdiag -spdelstatP -ff SQMDB

2. crmdiag -spptr -ff SQMDB

3. crmdiag -spptnoncurL -ff SQMDB When prompted to create a database backup each time please choose "no".

You should now be able to delete the requirement causing the error. If you continue to experience problems please contact Micro Focus Support.
Incident #243143