Created On:  07 February 2012


How do you report on users who have a registered interest in a requirement?


CaliberRM 10.1 allows for the extraction of registered interest data with Datamart. For example, using the Datamart extract to SQL:

1. Perform datamart extraction to SQL
2. Login to SQL server and expand the tables of the database you extracted to
3. There will be a table called ‘RegisteredInterest’ which contains two fields: ‘requirement_id’ and ‘user_id’
4. You can then write a simple SQL query to see which users have registered an interest in which requirement id’s

For Example:

SELECT [CaliberUser].[user_name], [RegisteredInterest].[requirement_id]
FROM [CaliberUser]

INNER JOIN [RegisteredInterest] ON [RegisteredInterest].[user_id] = [CaliberUser].[user_id]

You can download CaliberRM 10.1 from SupportLine.