Created On:  20 February 2012


How do you report on which security profiles are selected for each CaliberRM project?


There is no reporting functionality built into the CaliberRM Win32 Client or Adminstrator however if you export your data to SQL using datamart it is possible to write a query to return this information.

Please see steps below:

1.  Perform a datamart extraction to SQL

2.  Within SQL Server Management Studio navigate to the Database you extracted to in step 1

3. Right-click on the database name and select ‘New Query’

4.  Copy and paste the SQL query below:


SELECT [Project].[project_name] as 'Project Name', [UserGroups].[group_name] as 'Group Name', [SecurityProfile].[security_profile_name] as 'Security Profile Name'

FROM [SecurityProfile], [ProjectGroupSecurityProfileMap]

INNER JOIN [Project] ON  [Project].[project_id] = [ProjectGroupSecurityProfileMap].[project_id_number]

INNER JOIN [UserGroups] ON [UserGroups].[group_id] = [ProjectGroupSecurityProfileMap].[group_id_number]

WHERE [SecurityProfile].[security_profile_id] = [ProjectGroupSecurityProfileMap].[security_profile_id]


5.  Click on ‘Execute’

Sample output below:

Incident #2559615