Created On:  20 February 2012


How do you report on which users have the ‘User Can Perform Baseline Administration’ option checked within the CaliberRM Administrator tool?


This information can be retrieved directly from the CaliberRM Database using the IVQL tool which is available from Technical Support. Once obtained perform the following:

1. Unzip the IVQL tool and save to the root drive where CaliberRM server is installed
2. Open command prompt and start IVQL: ivql @ e.g: SQMDB@localhost
3. Run the following query to only return the users that have ‘User can Perform Baseline Administration’ enabled:

select user_id, userCanModifyBaselines from User_v300_p where userCanModifyBaselines = 1

Example output from the CaliberRM sample database. Only the admin user has the option 'User can Perform Baseline Administration' enabled in the sample database.

user_id       userCanModifyBaselines

admin                     1

Incident #2559636