Created On:  18 October 2011


Is it possible to report on what requirements were created on a specified date within CaliberRM?


Using the sample code/app downloaded from the ftp link below, it is possible to reports on what requirements were created between two specified dates. To run the sample code:

1. Download the attached and unzip

2. Within the /dist/ directory run the ReportOnCreatedRequirements.jar and the app should launch

3. Enter Server, Username & Password then click on ‘Login’

4. Enter the Project Name and select a date range to report on

5. Click on 'Run Report'

6. 'Report Complete' will be displayed below the ‘Run Report’ button to let you know when the report has completed

The requirements will be output to a csv file (Output.csv) on the root of the C:\ drive which includes the Project, Baseline, IdNumber, Name, Version and Creation Date At step 4 when entering the project name, replace any spaces with a ‘*’. For example: ‘Address*Book’ To include all projects, just include a * The report is based on the current baseline, any requirements deleted from the current baseline will not be included in the report.

The full project/code is also available in the other link below (
Incident #2538736