Created On:  11 August 2010


How do I allow only certain groups of users to be able to move requirements in a CaliberRM 2008 SP1 project?


To restrict users from being able to move requirements in CaliberRM you have two options:

A) Enforce a security profile on the project by the following method.

  1. Open the CaliberRM Administrator tool and highlight the specific project that you are interested in by choosing 'VIEW' | 'PROJECTS'.
  2. Select the project and click on the 'GROUP ASSIGNMENT' tab to see which groups are able to log  into this project.
  3. Highlight a group that you wish to allow to move requirements and select the 'ADVANCED' option and then select the option for the user to be able to move requirements in this project. Save the changes and exit out of the CaliberRM Administrator tool.
  4. Open the caliber client and log into the project in question as the administrator.
    Select the option to enforce a security profile and save the changes, exit out of the caliber client.
  5. Now if a user who is a member of the group in question logs into the project then that user will be able to move requirements within the project.

B) If you do not enforce a security profile on a project then only users who are members of the administrators group will be able to move requirements in a caliber project.

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