Created On:  03 October 2012


SDK code to report on what access rights users have within a specified project


The attached SDK code allows you to report on what access users have to the following area's within the specified project:

#Requirement tyes.
#Baseline Administration.
#Managing glossaries.

There are a number of prerequisites that need to be met:

#The tool needs to be ran on the CaliberRM server.
#Java must be installed on the CaliberRM server.
#The tool needs to be ran from the C drive.

To use the tool follow these steps:

1. Extract the zip file to the root of the C drive. Once extracted there should be a folder at this location C:\ReportOnProjectSecurity
2. Within the folder there is a batch file. This needs to be modified to be able to run on the server machine. The following needs modified:
           a. "C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre6\\bin\\java.exe" - This points to the java installation. Modify the file patch to point to the java.exe
           b. "C:\\Program Files\\Borland\\CaliberRM SDK 2008\\lib\\CaliberRMSDK100.jar – This point to the Caliber SDK. Again modify this file patch if
           c. SQMDB@bel-davidca – This references the name of the database and the hostname of the CaliberRM server. Change this accordingly.
           d. bel-davidca – This appears immediately after the above parameter. This should be changed to the hostname of the CaliberRM server.
           e. admin admin – This is the username and password for CaliberRM. Change to your username and password.
           f. C:\ReportOnProjectSecurity\results.csv – The name and location of the report. Leave this as it is.
3. Double click the batch file to run it. Once completed a csv file will appear within the folder.

You can open the CSV file in Excel. Below is a sample of what you will see: