Created On:  10 December 2010


Is there a batch file to configure connection between CaliberRDM Server and CaliberRDM SQL Server Database in the event of a corrupt connection?


To run the CRDMDB.bat script which is located in C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\Bin:
  1. Open a command prompt and browse to the directory to C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\CaliberRDM\Bin.
  2. The parameters that can be passed in using this script are Server name, port number and database name (Optional).
  3. Type the following command: CRDMDBcfg.bat ServerName Port DatabaseName.  This will create the connection between the CaliberRDM service and CaliberRDM SQL server database. Please replace ServerName, Port & DatabaseName with your own values.
This should now allow the connection to be established and the CaliberRDM Server should now connected to the database when starting. If you continue to experience issues contact SupportLine.