Created On:  13 June 2012


Silk Central Test Manager 12.0 traces do not display in the CaliberRM Web Viewer. Why is this?


Syntax for Silk 12 integration needs updated, new details are:

‹?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?›
                ‹!-- Add your used SilkCentral Test Manager front-end server services URL--›

                ‹!-- e.g: if URL is: http://abcd:19120/services--

                ‹!-- you have to change to ‹FrontendServer›http://abcd:19120/services‹/FrontendServer›  19120 is default port --›

                ‹!-- or if URL is: http://abcd/services --›

                ‹!-- you have to change to ‹FrontendServer›http://abcd/services‹/FrontendServer>  --›

                ‹FrontendServer version='2009'›http://new-server:19120/AlmServices1.0/services‹/FrontendServer


Incident #2569247