Created On:  27 April 2012


Why are the SilkCentral TestManager traces not showing in CaliberRM client?


This was a defect and has now been resolved in hotfix14 of SCTM 2011.  In previous versions of CaliberRM, you had to use the CaliberRM traceability window to trace to SCTM artifacts, but with the newer versions of CaliberRM and SCTM the traceability is handled through SCTM's webservices therefore all traces to CaliberRM requirements must be completed in SCTM.

If you had created SCTM traces to CaliberRM before applying hotfix14 then these would have been stored in the CaliberRM database therefore even if you do apply hotfix14 for SCTM you will still not see these traces. 

In order to resolve this issue please request a copy of the IVQL tool from Borland Support and run the following command:

delete from GenericObject_v900_p where user_data like "*Silk*"

This will delete any SCTM traces stored in the versant database and allow you to see you traces in CaliberRM client.  After you have deleted these traces you will need to use the crmdiag diagnostic tool to fix the requirements these traces where deleted from by running:

crmdiag -tr -ff SQMDB

The CRMDiag tool is also available from Borland Support at the Micro Focus SupportLine website:



Incident #2569536