Created On:  03 October 2012


How do you upgrade from CaliberRDM 10.1 standalone to Caliber 11?


With the release of Caliber 11 Visualize you no longer have the option of a standalone Visualize server. All requirement and visualize data are now stored in the Caliber Data Server database.

If you wish to upgrade to Caliber 11 Visualize, you will need to install the Caliber 11 Data Server.

Once you have the Caliber 11 Data Server and Visualize component installed, follow these steps to migrate your projects:

1. Export each CaliberRDM project via the manage projects area.
2. Import each CaliberRDM project into Caliber 11 Visualize via the manage projects area.
3. Confirm projects are intact.
4. Uninstall CaliberRDM.

Licensing for Caliber 11 Visualize is managed via the Caliber Administrator tool.