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Rob Wood Absent Member.
Absent Member.

OmniBack II Version A.03.10 from A.03.00 Problems

I was half way through discussing this issue with Greg Vallande from HP Support in the US and seems that he no longer exists, I keep getting "Host Unknown" email bounce backs. Anyway, I doubt I can attach the OB log files I was going to send to Greg, so I'll just ask what will probably seem to be an incomplete question as follows:
Having taken much care with OB, I installed the license passwords and all seemed to work pretty well. I ran a couple of backups and the only ones that failed were ones that included files that were already in use by other packages (kind of expected I guess). This morning I installed the 3.1 CD and ran the setup.exe, it found the 3.0 installation (as expected){The licenses I installed were supplied with the 3.1 Package}. During the setup process I noticed a couple of options ("MS Exchange Integration Module", "SQL 7.0 Integration Module", "EMC Symmetrix Integration Module") but didn't install them. We are using an EMC Symmetrix disk array and are also using MS Exchange and SQL 7.0 on various machines. What are the "Integration Modules" and am I likely to need to install them?
Now that the easy question is out of the way, I'll ask the more important one. Following the instructions in the Installation and Licensing Guide (Page 147 Onwards) I had a few problems. When "Checking Configuration Changes" (page 149) the "NewConfigOptionsGlobal file didn't exist, the only file in that folder is the "Trace" file. This seems to be the cause of the previously fine tape "Device" not being seen by OmniBack. The next section (Command Line) discusses "CHANGED" and "NEW OPTIONS" as displayed in Table 4-5, I'm not exactly sure what (if anything) I am supposed to do with this stuff. The "Integrations" section (Page 150) discusses "SAP R/3" configuration changes. What/Where is the SAP R/3 and how exactly do I reconfigure it? Should I need to run the "Site Specific" Patch provided to us by HPs' Greg Vallande? I have two OB Patch files and am unsure which one is which, they are "OMNIBACK_00009.EXE" and "SSPNT310_002.EXE".
All that said I guess you can now see how much of a novice I really am. Sorry for what are probably "Beginner" questions. Any and All assistance is greatly appreciated.
May the best of your past be less than the worst of your future
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Lars J. Granhei Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Re: OmniBack II Version A.03.10 from A.03.00 Problems

Hi !

Before I begin, I do assume your R3 inst. is on a HPUX system, if not you will have to adjust some suggestions below (add the omniback dir. in your path etc inorder to have the R3 integration module work correctly)

1. EMC..., SQL... integration modules are addons to do i.e. online MS SQL server, Oracle etc backups. The EMC integration modules allows you to utilize EMC's TimeFiner software BCV volumes and OmniBack seamlessly.
2. The SAP R/3 is the modules that connects SAP's brarchive and brbackup utilities (make sure you have the latest and greatest (downloadable from sapservX)). I URGE you to do as the manual says and install the installation server before installing the packages on any host. I couldn't get the R3 integration package installed without first installing the installation server and the add the R3 module from there.
After installing the installation service and installing the SAP R3 module (an preferably everything else as well from this "site" (you may have several installation servers, if you have several OSes in your OB cell)) you will need to make a symbolic link in your ....//exe/run directory (or /sapmnt//exe if you have this SAP suggested dir) pointing to the 'backint' program located withing the lbin diretory of OmniBack.
3. The CHANGED / NEW OPTIONS STUFF - hail and flip to the next page, it's a mere info for experienced users of default changes.
4. Patches - do check out http://openview.hp.com - browse products - Omniback - patches - and all patches released are available to you. Don't install unnessecary patches !
If you need more help, feel free to contact me at lars.jorgen.granheim@lilleborg.no
Rob Wood Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Re: OmniBack II Version A.03.10 from A.03.00 Problems

Thanks for your prompt response, much appreciated. We are actually using WinNT (and no other OSs). I guess I should have been more detailed in my questions, I apologise for that.
1. You mention the "Integration Modules" are for doing Online Backups, my next question then would be can I simply re-install version 3.1 including these modules or do I need to un-install the existing installation first?
2. I'm still unsure what brarchive and brbackup and SAP R/3 is for, I am actually the writer of the "Help" documentation for our application and so all this DataBase stuff is completely new to me, is there something that'll explain this stuff to me from a "Beginners" point of view?
3. I'm assuming from what you say that I just ignore the "CHANGED / NEW OPTIONS" bit?
4. HP Actually provided us with a "Site Specific" patch file some time ago (for our version 3.0 installation) and I was just wondering if installing it would help with the problems we're experiencing with version 3.1?
Your assistance with this is very much appreciated Lars.

Rob Wood
May the best of your past be less than the worst of your future
Phani V Yenugu Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Re: OmniBack II Version A.03.10 from A.03.00 Problems

You need to install MSEXCHANGE agents (push the agents from the installation sever) if you want to backup any EXCHANGE server.
Same thing for SQLSERVER 7.0
You use EMC only if you want to use any of the EMC srdf/smmf configuration. Otherwise you don't need this eventhough you are using EMC arrays.

As far as SAP backup goes, even though you are using SQLSERVER (or any othere database)as the backend for SAP, you don't need to push the SQLSERVER (or any other) agents because SAP will take care of talking to the DB.

These are the steps to setup SAP R/3 integration :

1. Push the SAP agents to the SAP client.

2. create two users in omniback using omniback gui.
a) user: ora group: dba host:target client
b) user: group:sapsys host:target
Where is the name the database
USER a) will be used to do online and archive backups and user b) for offline backups.

3. execute util_sap (should be under omnibackbin) on the client with the following options.
util_sap -CONFIG system/

where system/ is the database user system and password for that.
search for brbackup, brarchive and specify that directory for < directory for brtools>
(This should be under /usr/sap//SYS/exe/run on UNIX but I don't know where this would be on NT)

You should get a return code 0. This will automatically make link of omnibackbinbackint to the directory where brtools are.

4. Now go to omniback gui and go to backup gui and create new SAP backup speicification.

hostname : client name
SID : once you pick the client and clik the ... butoon next to it, omniback will show all the valid SID s for this. Pick the SID from the list.
Command line options :
for BRBACKUP: This will be used to do online and offline backups.
for online, use -c -t online -m all
for offline, user -c -t offline -m all

for BRARCHIVE: This will be used to do archive backups:
user -c -sd

Different options are available for brarchive. The option -sd will backup the logs once and deletes them. You can look at the SAP documentation for more options.

Go ahead and create a device and pool for the backup the way you do for regular file system backups.

Go to file, change ownership, specify the user orasid, group: dba and target client for online and archives
sidadm sapsys and target client for offline backups.

Since the offline needs SAP to be down (brbackup does not bring down SAP), you need to have some kind of script to bring down SAP before backup and to bring it up after the backup. You could put the script in the integration speicific pre-exec and post-exec (that are in the command line options window).

Omniback by default protects the data in the catalog permanently, you may want to change it your needs. this could be done by going into SAP options... in the backup specification.

Once you save this backup, you are ready to run a backup. Let me know if you have any problems.

alberto vasquez Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Re: OmniBack II Version A.03.10 from A.03.00 Problems

You should probably get 'patch 12.'


The integrations do require additional licensing, and knowledge of both Omniback and the application we are integrating with (i.e. Exchange, SQL, etc.)

Before you integrate Omniback, print out the integrations manual, and become comfortable with the native backup tools - Omniback has most of the same dependencies as these native tools, plus a few more in addition.

-Joseph Wyckoff
Rob Wood Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Re: OmniBack II Version A.03.10 from A.03.00 Problems

Phani, You indicate that I need to install the "Integration Modules" and then you go into heaps of technical dialogue that I simply don't understand. I will however go in to the server room and go through what you've written whilst sitting at the machine in question. Thanks for your response.
Joseph, You mention I need to download and install 'patch 12'. When I accessed the hyperlink in your text the information about patch 12 describes a problem that I don't have (as yet). You also mention that I will need even more licenses to install the integration modules. The licenses I have are as follows:
1. "OmniBack II Online Extension for Windows NT B6965AA"
2. "OmniBack II Single Drive for NT / Netware B6963AA"
3. "OmniBack II Single Drive for NT / Netware B6963AA" (second copy)
4. "OmniBack II Cell Manager B6961AA"
Each of these has "Quantity 1" at the bottom of them. These are the only licenses that Greg Vallande told us we needed, do we actually need to spend more money on this stuff?
Back to the beginning I guess, here goes:
We had version 3.0 eval version and had lot's of trouble getting it to work. Greg Vallande (HP Tech Support in Colorado I think) sent me a "Site Specific" patch. Just as it looked like it was going to work our eval' period ran out. It took some months to obtain the licenses, but once they arrived, they arrived with the 3.1 package. We installed the licenses and tested, all seemed to be working just fine, we installed Version 3.1 and it all fell over again. The error that are coming up relate to the Tape Device not being seen by OmniBack. The error is:
[Critical} From: MMA@msdsdev11 "DEC:DLT2000" Time: 9/06/00 13:59:21
[90:43] scsi1:0:6:0C
Invalid physical device type => aborting

When I click on the [90:43] Hyperlink the following dialogue popup appears:
The type of physical device examined does not correspond to the device type of the logical device as configured.
Verify the device type of the physical device and the logical device configuration.

This is exactly the same error we were getting before we installed the "Site Specific" Patch that Greg Vallande provided us with. Someone has mentioned that the site specific patch is likely to be 'version' specific as well, if that is the case, how do we get our 'site specific' patch updated to 3.1?
May the best of your past be less than the worst of your future
Rob Wood Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Re: OmniBack II Version A.03.10 from A.03.00 Problems

Joseph, I guess I clicked the "Submit" button too quickly, I opened and read the txt file that goes with the "OmniBack_00012.exe" patch file and discovered that it actually incorporates both the patch 00009 and the site specific patch we had received earlier. I then downloaded and installed the 12 patch and now although we can 'see' the DLT drive, we are now getting another error where OmniBack seems to think that the "Device is in use by another part of OmniBack". The exact details of the error are as per the screen dump I've attached to this message. Any assistance you can provide is very much appreciated.
May the best of your past be less than the worst of your future
Phani V Yenugu Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Re: OmniBack II Version A.03.10 from A.03.00 Problems

some other backup which ran before this might had some problems and tape might got stuck in the drive. check drive physically. If there is no tape stuck, you can try
omnidbutil to find and clear any drive locks.

omnidbutil -show_locked_devs
to find out the locks

Then run
omnidbutil -free_locked_devs [ devname | mediumId | libraryName phyLocation ]

This should fix your problem.

Rob Wood Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Re: OmniBack II Version A.03.10 from A.03.00 Problems

Phani, your last response is similar to what was actually happening. I found (yesterday) that an old "Mount Request" was sitting still doing nothing, once I cancelled it the system seemed to be a little easier to operate. As I'm a novice with this stuff I'm going to say to you all that we can "sign off" this job, I just dunno how to do that 🙂
I'm now running a few tests to see exactly what we can do with OmniBack and how far we can push it before it breaks. Once I've run these tests I'll be formatting the HDD of the machine we have OB on and completely rebuilding it from scratch so that we have a "Clean" Backup Server. I'll be using the same IP address for the licensing, other than this I can't think of anything else to be wary of. If you know of something please let me know, otherwise we will all consider this Question thing in this forum to be "Signed Off". Thanks to all who assisted me with this issue, especially Joseph, Patch 12 did wonders, you actually deserve 8 or 9 points rather than the 4 I gave you so hastily. The only way I can think to remedy this is if you send me another message 🙂
May the best of your past be less than the worst of your future
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