Created On:  04 February 2013


Is there a way to extend the standard information for business rules with new additional data? This extra data must be available and printed on any business rule report.


The product will allow the addition of as many attributes as is required to Business Rules, Rule Sets and Business Functions.

To do this:

1  Open the EA Administrator.
2. From the Administer menu, choose Edit Rule Attributes.
3. Open the tab required (Business Function, Rule Set or Business Rule)
3.  Use the ADD button to add new attributes.  Each attribute can be named, and its size defined, plus you can add a description and values.

Once attributes are added for Functions, Rule Sets and/or Rules, save the User.Repstry.xml (under a different name).

Any workspace that exists must be upgraded once this is done and the new attributes will be in existing rules.

In addition, if the installed version is not already at least EA 3.4, an upgrade to EA 3.4 is recommended as the Business Rules Manager was rewritten in the EA 3.4 product.

Incident #2606264