Created On:  19 March 2011


An analysis job was completed successfully, but a few programs have Analysis status “Done (timed out)”. What is the meaning of Done (timed out) status and will it affect the source code?


Analysis Status Done (timeout) means that the analysis of the source did not complete within the pre-defined time period.  The metrics are not calculated at all or are unreliable. Created relationships are unreliable too.  You will need to check the following:

• if the source has been assigned a correct extension for its type.
• if the source contains valid syntax, i.e. it can be compiled or processed correctly by the standard tool intended for that purpose.
• Try increasing the pre-defined timeout value for this type of source.

To increase the Timeout parameter for the COBOL(JCL, PL/I, Visual Basic Project Files ) programs analysis time, you will need to go to Environment properties in Configuration Manager. Select COBOL programs and change the value of Timeout. The default is 30(seconds). 0 value means unlimited time for analysis but it is not recommended to use it. Try setting Timeout parameter to a higher value, for example 120 seconds. You will need to be logged as ADMIN in the product to perform the change in the Environment properties.

After updating the parameter, reanalyze the sources.
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