Created On:  23 June 2010


User tries to access http://localhost:8080/APM through the Apache Tomcat Server and is unable to view the Enterprise View Express home page.  They receive a "HTTP 404 Not Found - The web page is not found" error.


The 'HTTP 404 Not Found' error can result from either an Apache Tomcat Server setup issue or an installation procedure issue.

First, check to make sure that the Apache Tomcat Service is started.  If it isn't, start the service and see if that resolves the error.

If the error is still present, it may be due to an installation problem.  You will need to uninstall all three components and reinstall them.  The three components include Apache Tomcat Server, Netcharts, and Enterprise View Express.

During the installation of Apache Tomcat Server on the 'Choose Components' step, be sure to select 'Custom' and expand Tomcat.  Select 'Service'.  This option needs to be selected in order for the Apache Tomcat Server to start and remain running.  After the installation, and after it has been verified that the Apache Tomcat Server has been started, Netcharts and Enterprise View Express may be installed, respectively.  If Netcharts and Enterprise View Express are installed and Apache Tomcat Server was not configured to start as a service, the Apache Tomcat Server service may not start or remain running once started, and the 'HTTP 404 Not Found' error will still occur.