Created On:  14 November 2011


When using Diagrammer within Modernization Workbench, after the creation of several diagrams, Diagrammer appears to create an inconsistent diagram for non related programs.  How can this be avoided?


To resolve this, do the following:

- Within Diagrammer, create a diagram from a program source, selecting any Scope.
- Highlight the program in the browser window, and use CTRL and C to copy the program.
- Place the cursor in the Diagram pane and use CTRL and V to paste the program.
- The diagram is then created using the scope selected.
- Before creating the next diagram, all of the elements in the diagram are deleted, by manually highlighting them and deleting them from the Diagram pane.
- After a number of diagrams were created in the same way, the diagram seemed to display unrelated entities.

- The reason for this is understanding the use of the diagrammer tool.

- Creating a new diagram, sets the "context" of the diagram, so additional programs can be added to the diagram or programs removed from the diagram manually keeping relationships intact.

- Each time a new diagram is to be generated, the diagram panel should be cleared, but not using the manual technique described above.
- Removing entities manually will leave the "context" of the first diagram in place and can cause "apparent malfunction" such as this.

- To clear the diagram panel ready for a new diagram, From the DIAGRAM menu, choose CLEAR  or close the diagrammer and re-open when needed