Created On:  2010-05-18


After upgrading from Modernization Workbench version 2.1, when running BRP for the first time, an error like the following is in the BRP.log file: SYSERR=Error checking APPLYPCF job path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Modernization Workbench\Scripts\BRP\ 

This problem arises because of a change in the installation folder.  The default installation folder for version 2.1 is C:\Program Files\Modernization Workbench.  The default installation folder for version 3.1 is C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Modernization Workbench\.  This impacts where it looks for scripts and other files that BRP uses.


To correct the path, open the Modernization Workbench Administration tool.  Select Administer, then Configure BRP.  Browse for the new installation folder, then save the changes and exit the administration tool.
Incident #2454010