Created On:  23 February 2012


User notices that Batch Refresh Process seems to hang or freeze while working.  In most cases, this hangs during the Verification step, but it can also occur at other stages of the BRP process. If BRP freezes or hangs, the user has to unlock the Workspace through Modernization Workbench Administration.


The Batch Refresh Process locks the Workspace while it is still running.  In addition, it may also lock the Workspace while processing entries in the Hypercode Convertor.  This can give the appearance that the process is hanging or freezing.  User can check to see if HyperCodeConvertor.exe is still running in the Processes tab under Task Manager.  User can also check to see if runBRP.exe is still running under Processes.  If either of these are running, it is best to let the BRP complete before attempting to open Workspace.
Incident #2551979