Created On:  04 February 2013


Can clipper queries be run as part of the Enterprise Analyzer BRP run?


It is possible to run clipper queries in batch from .bat files controlled by windows scheduled task or as part of an Enterprise Analyzer BRP run. For either solution, you will obviously have to define you queries and run them via brave in a .bat file, prior to automation. Examples are attached.

The .bat files need to be amended to cater for your environment and the queries you want to run. If you want to run the queries as part of the BRP, you should do the following:

1. Open EA Administrator, from the ADMINISTER menu, choose CONFIGURE BRP.
2. a) To create a new BRP, click ADD, then select the .RWP file for the relevant workspace, and click OPEN
2. b) To edit existing BRP, select the relevant BRP.INI file and click EDIT.
3. Add your .bat file (or a .bat file running other .bat files) in the END option on the USER EXIT tab.

This will make sure any new modules verified in the BRP run will be included in any new reports / queries generated.
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