Created On:  04 February 2011


When trying to open a workspace in Modernization Workbench, the following type of error message pops up:

Cannot open the workspace: C:\Directory\WorkspaceName.rwp
** XML load/parse error.
The system cannot locate the object specified.
Line 0

How can this be overcome?


The reason for this is that the workspace directory path stored inside the repository is incorrect.  To resolve this, do the following:

1. In Modernization Workbehch Administrator, select 'Refresh Workspace Path' from the Administer menu
2. Navigate to the location of the workspace.rwp file and select the workspace .rwp file
3. When it prompts for the Workspace directory network path, enter the name of the workspace with full network path

For example if the workspace name (i.e. name of the .rwp file) is "WorkSpaceName" and it is present in the location \\ServerName\SharedDirectory, then enter \\ServerName\SharedDirectory\WorkSpaceName without the .rwp extension.
Incident #2500377