Created On:  17 December 2012


When verifying CSD or PCT files that contain upper and lower-case transaction codes, the correct entities and relationships are not created.  How can this be corrected?


This problem is only occuring in Enterprise Analyzer 3.3 (at all hot fix levels) and on MS SQL Server repositories.  A correction has been implemented for Enterprise Analyzer 3.4, in Hot Fix 1.  The workaround for Enterprise Analyzer 3.3 is:

1. Remove the CSD or PCT file(s) from the workspace/project.
2. Configure Enterprise Analyzer, so that "IBM 360/370/390 CICS" and "Case Sensetive Transaction" are checked on.
3. Allow the configuration to complete.
4. Upgrade the workspace.
5. Close all Enterprise Analyzer applications and stop any Enterprise Analyzer executables that are running.
6. Run the attcahed SQL script (CSDMixedCase.SQL) from the SQL Server 2008 R2 > Sql Server Management Studio, against your specific workspace database.
7. Add the CSD or PCT file(s) back into the project / workspace and reverify.
Incident #2605266