Created On:  19 July 2011


When using Business Rules Manager within Modernization Workbench, how can classification attributes be changed for Business Fucntions, Business Rules and Business Rule set?


Attributes for Business Functions, Business Rule Sets and Business Rules, can be changed manually by right clicking on each of them, and then amending the details displayed, but this is very time consuming.

Bulk updating of attributes can be done for a number of selected Business Rules. To do this:

1. Select the Business Rule Set

2. Select all of the Buisness Rules to be changed

3. Click on the 9th Icon (Change Rule Attributes)

If  no Business Rules within the Business Rules Set are selected,  the message "Nothing to change", will be displayed.

If a number of Business Rules are selected, when the Change Rule Attributes Icon is clicked, the product will display "You are about to change 3 rules - Continue Yes or No"

If  "Yes" is chosen, the product will display the "Change Rules" dialogue, which will allow changes to certain attributes of the Rules.

In the next dialogue, select the criteria to identify the rules to change, by selecting the required "FIND WHAT" from the drop down list, then select the "REPLACE WITH" option from the drop down list.

Then click REPLACE

The number of rules changed will be displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the dialogue window.
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