Created On:  03 November 2010


User has lost master privileges on Workspace and is unable to perform any administrative operations.  Some of the loss of privileges may include:

- Inability to verify source files
- Has insufficient privileges to delete workspace
- Has insufficient privileges to edit Users in Admin (and restore Master privileges)

Issue can sometimes occur after a reboot of the server or a minor corruption of the database.


Typically, Master privileges would be restored using the Administration tool in Modernization Workbench.  However, it does require Master rights to perform this step, so this solution is not applicable in cases where there is only one existing user that has lost privileges.

Direct modifications can be made to the database table that contains the entries for the users.  The table is called syUserRole and it has two columns called UserID and Role.  The UserID is the user's Windows accountname and the Role is called Master.

The commands below mostly apply to Oracle, but similar commands can also be used for SQL and DB2.
        select * from SYUSERROLE;
        UserID                    Role
       --------------------           --------------------
       USERNAME             Master
       Update SYUSERROLE set  "UserID"=' USERNAME', "Role"=' Master';


Incident #2484336