Created On:  19 November 2012


The requirement is to be able to have a dedicated version of ENterprise View (EV) for the different workspaces that are available on the Modernization Workbench (MW) or Enterprise Analyser (EA) server machine. This means that to be able to look at different Workspaces, you can just switch to a different instance of EV, rather than need to configure the first instance of EV to swap between Workspaces.


The attached document goes into the details of how to setup the different instances of the Apache Tomcat Server so you can different EV configurations. This information applies to  Modernization Workbench and Enterprise Analyser.
The keypoints from the document are:
-              Ensure that there are no apache servers already installed and the EV itself in not installed.
-              Follow this link to get the relevant tomcat server to download
-              When running the exe to install the first Tomcat, in the choose components screen, click on the Tomcat, so you can select the Service Startup
-              When you get to the point to choose the Java Virtual Machine, make sure you pick a 32bit directory to find the JVM.
-              When installing the 2nd Tomcat, you also need to change the 3 ports that Tomcat is going to use, the name of the service and the directory that Tomcat is going to install into.
-              Next install EV, the EV.war file needs to end up in the tomcat/webapps directory.
-              For the second copy of Tomcat, that has to be a manual copy.
-              Stop and start the tomcat services to deploy EV
-              The first EV server will be on http://localhost:8080/EV/login.jsp and you can then point that to your first workspace
-              The second EV server will be on http://localhost:8090/EV/login.jsp  and you can point it at your second workspace
-              To see both workspaces at the same time, you need 2 different browsers.
-              With one browser, you can login/view/logout of EV 1 and then do the same with EV 2.
-              It should then be possible to extend this so that different remote users can look at EV 1 while others are using EV 2.
-              A similar principle can be applied to setup EV 3, EV 4 etc, but this does need to be thought about prior to setting up EV 1 as this is where you setup the base ports to be used.
-              All of the various ports that are used will need to be opened in any firewalls that you have setup.