Created On:  08 February 2011


Batch Refresh Process can be configured to start any number of HyperCode Converters for its own use. Many customers run extra HyperCode Converters that are started manually also for use by the Batch Refresh Process. When the Batch Refresh Process ends, ALL (automatic and manual) HyperCode Converters associated with the workspace, are closed.

Are there any recommendation as to how to control the HyperCode Converters outside of the Batch Refresh Process?


Our recommendation is :

1. Set the following BRP ADVANCED configuration options...

- Open the Modernization Workbench Administrator.
- From the ADMINISTER menu, choose CONFIGURE BRP
- ADD or EDIT the required BRP configuration.
- Open the ADVANCED tab
- Make sure the Launch standalone Hyper Code Converter is UNCHECKED
- Make sure the Number of extra HyperCode Converters MUST be set to zero
- Make sure the Wait HyperCode Converter queue is UNCHECKED

2. Run 1 HyperCode Converter per core on the machine. Note: Running multiple HCC's per core will only leave the processes idle as they are not needed.

3. Do not start HCC's from the Batch Refresh Process control.

4. Start the HCC's from the command line - or from batch, prior to the Batch Refresh Process.

If the HyperCode Converters are started from command line or batch, then they should only close down if manually closed or the machine is rebooted or crashes. To start HyperCodeConverter from a command line, so in a batch file...

HyperCodeConverter.exe /S

For example:

= C:\workspaces\General WS.rwp
    = c:\workspaces\GeneralWS\HCCLog.txt
/S - this is for running in silent mode, if required.

When incorporated into a .bat file the contents would read:

"C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Modernization Workbench\Bin\HyperCodeConverter.exe" "C:\workspaces\BRMTrainingWS.rwp" "c:\workspaces\BRMTrainingWS\logs\hcclog.txt" /S
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