Created On:  14 November 2011


In the Modernization Workbench Diagrammer tool, is it possible to create a diagram with all levels expanded by default?

For example, if a diagram is generated using the CALL MAP or CALL DETAILED MAP scope, by default, only the first level of program linking or calling is diaplayed.

How can the extra levels be generated without manually adding lower level programs to the default diagram generated?


To resolve this:

1. Open Modernization Workbench, and open the Diagrammer tool.

2. Before generating any diagrams, expand the VIEW menu.

3. The options displayed are:
     Auto Expand
     Root Tags Only
     Exclude objects outside of project
     Potential Incomplete Composite Relationships
     Project Boundary Entities

 - Make sure only the AUTO EXPAND option is checked.

4. Highlight the required "start" program in the Browser, use CTRL and C to copy the program.
5. Place the cursor in the Diagram pane and use CRTL and V to paste the program.

6. The diagram generated will now show all possible linking / calling programs in your project regardless of level, as default.
Incident #2513816