Created On:  13 October 2010


We receive "The transaction log for the database is full" message when using Modernization Workbench.  This can occur during any step of Modernization Workbench such as upgrading the Workspace or using Batch Refresh Process.  This message will most likely occur on environments where DB2 is the database.


Transactions are recorded during any database operation performed by Modernization Workbench.  The log for these transactions takes up disk space on the server and is known to get very large.

The first solution is to expand the size of the transaction log on the database server.  This can be done with help from the user's DBA.

Another solution is to clear one of the tables in the database that will typically be very large.  If the user is not using Enterprise View, the MetricsHistory table in the database can be cleared to reduce the number of transactions recorded during usage of the tool.  Please note that clearing the MetricsHistory will also result in transactions being recorded, so a gradual deletion may be required over a full deletion if there is not enough space in the log.
Incident #2462096